Cote D’Azur Redux

And the sun came up, shy and virginal, greeting the lovers
still sitting against a tree; a purifying light allowing the
soul to breath and the heart to soar.

The two had been on the beach for at least an hour, leaving
love soaked sheets for the cleansing of the cool night air.
She lifted her head and opened sleepy eyes, acknowledging
the morning and the new day. He kept his eyes closed and
his arms loosely around her, providing warmth, although whether
to himself or her he was not really sure. He did, however, move
his head slightly and smile, a gesture more to make sure he was
awake than to preface any action. Leaning down, he softly kissed
her forehead, and she, eyes smiling, snuggled back against
him and adjusted herself for closeness and comfort.

There might have been words that passed between them, drowned out
by the soft purr of the ocean waves, there might have only been
gestures and touches, but they communicated, and radiated, and
bathed themselves in a soft and gentle love that was theirs alone,
a gift not to be shared, but only noticed and smiled at. This moment
was time stopped in its’ tracks, the world far away and forgotten, a
sea of solitude surrounding an island of caring.

And the sun continued to rise, the only timely motion in a timeless
universe. The warmth finally caused him to open one eye and stare
around as if surprised that they were actually in a tangible setting.
She had gone back to sleep on his chest, a rhythmic trust and
silent confidence in him, in them. Another soft smile appeared on his
face, and he once again shut his eyes, stopping time and reveling
in the moment and the sharing.

There was movement on the beach now, tenuous feelers of life returning,
early morning seekers scouring the sand and sea for knowledge,
enlightenment, wisdom, or just the pure enjoyment. Some glanced over
at them, and recognizing the dream, kept on walking. Most completely
missed them and carried their own world around their shoulders and
off into the distances.

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