Sunset on the Cote D’Azur

I could write you a picture of a beautiful sunset along the Cote D’Azur, with two young at heart lovers walking along side by side, not saying much, discussing everything, just holding hands, and every once in a while stopping to explain or make a gentle point…. All the while the sun creates a highway of light on the water, and beckons towards a future of beauty and romance. The few seabirds that are around only make soft sounds as if not to disturb the couple. The world, for the time being does not exist, but is only an abstract idea somewhere along the highway of dreams.

The two sit down to admire the water, and the highway and each other. He sits behind with his back against a tree, she, cuddled up against his chest, maybe for protection against the evening sea breezes, maybe just to be close. They murmur softly, their voices blending into the wind, talking about the future, and shared pleasures, and how good they feel in each other’s arms and presence. Sometimes the talk is just to say, “Yes. I am here” or “It is so nice to talk to you here in my arms” even though the words are different or trivial. His hand runs very softly up her arm, through her hair and across her cheek as if to reassure himself that this is not a dream. She moves lightly against his hand to reassure him, and herself.

The sun is just a sliver on the horizon, and the highway gets dimmer and smaller and seems to point right to them. She cuddles even closer, trying to find the warmth of his soul, even if the evening is hot and comforting. He places a soft, gentle kiss on her forehead. Affection given and affection returned, fertile growing fields for love.

She turns and kisses him in the gathering dusk, and they get up to slowly walk back down the beach. Night dreams become reality as the lights come up slowly around them. They walk arm in arm now, closer, more intimate, heads turned towards each other to hear the soft words being spoken. This is a time of softness, and tenderness, and caring. The hearts have called to each other, and found each other, and loved each other, and now rejoice in each other. The movements of their bodies more a soft graceful waltz than a walk, moving in a slow rhythm to a tune that only the two of them can hear. The music of the bistros and cafes wafts out to them, but seems only to enhance the dance rather than interrupt it. They adapt their music to the world around them and make it a part of their song. They feel the living pulse of the night and turn it’s life to their own adding it’s energy to theirs, feeding off the warmth of the evening and its’ people.

For lovers such as these, the world is an amplifier of love. The people around seem to share in their great secret, and smile because of it. The waiters and vendors recognize the love that emanates from these two and it makes their night better.

The lovers move into the darkness, slowly returning to a night that will embrace and enfold. The softness intensifying and the anticipation growing. An excitement and expectation seem to grip the very streets that they walk along. The highway of dreams once again stretches before them, a promise made to be explored.

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